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"Mario is a highly-productive sales executive and leader. He brings energy, intelligence, and passion to the

leadership role. He excels in helping others maximize their productivity. In several situations Mario has

assumed responsibility for difficult and challenging enterprise accounts. In little time he achieved success and

repositioned himself as the primary partner. He has led low-performing teams to dramatic turnarounds in one

year or less. This includes nearly 100% participation on the teams he leads and team positioning as

best-in-category. Mario brings confidence to any situation and will deliver the results."


— Kevin Kunkel,

Vice President Enterprise Sales, Sprint

Mario Martinez Jr is an exceptional leader. Where other leaders position themselves as "good leaders" there are few who can deliver. Mario can deliver. When interacting with Mario one gets the sense quite quickly of how genuine his communications. Upon first meeting Mario, I was instantly taken by how self-aware he is to his surroundings. Having an acute self-awareness trigger is so important for anyone who is a leader.


I believe the most impressive variable about Mario is one can honestly believe he firmly practices what he preaches. To me, this is extremely important for any leader, but Mario is sincerely as operationally sound as any leader I have met over my 25 year career


— Cindy Caldwell, Enterprise Sales Manager, Sprint Communications


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"Mario was an absolute honor to report directly to Mr. Mario Martinez Jr. From day one I immediately realized that his standard of excellence was substantially higher than any other executive I had worked with previously. Not only are his standards high, but he holds those he manages accountable to those standards; the same standards he holds himself to. His incendiary, positive attitude is contagious and it his motivational speaking skills are immediately apparent from the second you converse with him. What differentiates Mario is his ability to isolate the passion that every Salesperson has deep inside and ignite that passion to inhibit their success. I was able to witness first hand his transformation of the Western Region quantifiably as our activity metrics went from unsatisfactory to exceeding expectations. Additionally, more business was closed in Q4 under him than the previous three quarters. Under his direct leadership I was able to grow astronomically as a professional. My work ethic became refined, my organization and prioritization impeccable. I would recommend Mario to anyone at any company without hesitation. I am proud to call him a mentor, a leader/coach, and most importantly a friend.


—Sam Shin, Sales Operations Analyst at ON24


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Mario facilitating a keynote

speech in Atlanta, GA.

Mario is leading the social selling revolution within PGi. He is such an expert in this area and is showing us all how to become experts here too. His energy is infectious and is really making his mark in PGi. Even though Mario and I work on different continents in different teams he is always available for help and advice. He is definitely one of those to watch within PGi and I for one look forward to learning from Mario this year.


— Ciara Lucy, Head of Sales at SouthWestern Business Process Services Ltd.